Monday, July 5, 2010

Kind Canadians

So today downtown Toronto was hit with a blackout. Apparently a transformer station blew up around Kipling. And as usual, with part of the westbound subway not running and street lights being out all over the place, the city was in utter chaos. For those of you able to work late or avoid the problem entirely, my jealously literally radiated out of my body with the heat I experienced this afternoon.

So my journey home consisted of a 4o min subway ride in a moving sauna (SERIOUSLY TTC!! Fares up to 3 dollars a way and still subways with no AC?) which only got me to Dundas West, and then a 45 minute cab ride in a slowing rolling, smelly, hot box of hell.

Now aside from the travelling torture there is a bright side to my commuting tales. When I hit Jane Station, a few people flagged my cab down and I was more than happy to share it with fellow westbound travellers. They were so friendly. The woman actually insisted on paying my share of the fare. I mean, really, Canadians are so sweet. Its acts of kindness like this that just warms my heart. I wish I got her name to send some thanks to her but I didn't. Its amazing how sweet us Canadians can be some times. I just felt I had to share that with the world. Especially since the fare wasn't cheap, our jerk cab driver decided at the end of our journey to demand $10 a head, with the meter saying $26!

That aside, heres to being Canadian *Cheers

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