Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer at Tiffany: a Memoir by Marjorie Hart

Iowa University students, Marjorie Hart and her best friend Marty decide in the summer of 1945 to set out to New York City and get summer jobs. With no luck finding any openings at any of their favourite department stores, the girls (on a whim) apply at Tiffany & Co. and end up getting positions as the first female pages. Fancy jobs like these don’t come without a price though, it only paid $20.00 a week. But these two girls had the summer of a lifetime. And memories are priceless.

This book was like a time machine. Marjorie’s description of her summer is captivating. It amazes me what she experienced during her summer – Eisenhower’s Parade, Truman’s announcement the Japanese have surrendered, a plane crashing into the Empire State Building and a close encounter with Judy Garland!

In the book are copies of Marjorie’s personal pictures and keepsakes from her summer in NY, there is even a photo of her paycheck from Tiffany. It’s so great to read a story and see photos from the exact situation that’s being described. Especially the photo of her and her date Jim. Her description did not do him justice. He was definitely a cutie.

Prepare yourself to fall in love with this book. Its like closing your eyes, snuggling up beside your grandmother as she tells you a story that takes you back in her shoes to a world you can only dream of. And if you’re like me, and can listen to music while you read, listen to Miss Ella Fitzgerald’s S’Wonderful and let the beauty of her voice take you farther away.

I give Summer at Tiffany 4 blue boxes out of 5. My jealousy keeps me from the 5th. :)

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