Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goodbye Babe

*Brace yourself because once you read this you are going to be very sad.

I lost a great friend yesterday.
This time last year my dad brought this little guy into our family.

Mr. Quincy was a very energetic miniature long haired dachshund (wiener dog). I had the opportunity shortly after his arrival to take care of him while my dad went to Mexico. I loved that little man. Every time I'd come home I'd yell "Hiiii BABE" and he'd get so excited, wag his little furry tail and jump all over me. I shortly after moved out of my dad's house and only saw the little guy for short visits on weekends but I always came in and said "Hiii BABE."

Yesterday I received some upsetting early morning news that Quincy had escaped the backyard the night before and had not been seen since. Growing up I had a little westy named Rascal and she used to get out of the backyard all the time but we always found her. Because of this I wasn't very alarmed, I figured we'd find him.

But by 4pm I had received the news that broke my heart. My dad found my little babe's lifeless body in the ravine behind the house, laying on his back just like he wanted his belly rubbed. Dad scooped up his little body and brought him to the vet to see what happened and the vet said the little guy was covered in bite marks. He must have been attacked by a raccoon or another animal living nearby.

I feel like this little guy needs to be remembered, he was such a treasure even though his time on this planet was brief. My eyes are tearing even as I write this because I feel like its unfair for someone so innocent to be taken so fast and so cruelly. It makes me feel helpless too, maybe I could have helped or prevented this.

If you are in tears with me, I'm so sorry. I warned you that you would be sad. But please just take a moment to remember this happy guy. He would've gotten excited to meet you :)

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