Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glamour Shots by Deb 75% off

So a frequent duty of mine at work is to search through stock photography for that oh-so-perfect image. Today I was roaming through for photos of normal looking teens and I came across this:

No I didn't search Jon Heder or Napoleon Dynamite. These shots come up from a search of 16-17 teen, male. Also, these shots are ROYALTY FREE! (for those of you not in the know... that means they are cheap cheap and can be used with less restrictions). Poor guy should keep track of where his face is going or he will be the next spokesman for impotency!

For anyone interested... here are the getty numbers 200309028-001, 200309030-001, 200309029-001

Update... I found more, haha look at those skills

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