Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 Young Lions Winners

So as you can probably tell, I didn't win or place in the Young Lions Competition this year. I'm not completely heart broken because I am really proud of the creative I produced. From the beginning of the whole process I said I didn't care if I lost as long as I respected the ones that did and unfortunately I don't think the winners are all that they are cracked up to be.

Now I don't want to sit here and sound like another negative ad criticizer, there are enough of those online (see, and congrats to those that did win. Regardless of anyone's opinion your ads were recognized as the best of the bunch.

Here is my feedback on the winners. First of all I'm so confused by their gold choice. It seems to be more of an ad for dyslexia then parkinson's disease. The second place winner made me laugh a little because two years ago when I entered this contest the winner was a fake perfume ad and I think the third placed ad is the best of the three!

I had a great time competing in this contest. Whether it was the brainstorming process, the execution or the waiting for the results it was an exciting ride and I love what I produced. Luckily I'm only 25 so I can compete for three more years. BRING IT ON 2011!

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

Here is a little info about what was expected from the creative:

The Challenge
The market is saturated with charitable messaging. Currently, the marketplace recognizes the name but has extremely low awareness of what Parkinson’s is. Parkinson’s is a complex andmisunderstood disease with much of the public believing it is a disease that mainly afflicts the elderly.A secondary challenge for Parkinson Society Canada is that the Michael J. Fox Foundation is now raising funds in Canada. There is confusion in the marketplace and a misperception that the two organizations are working together. Funds raised here by the Michael J. Fox Foundation do not stay in Canada.
The Objective
Increase awareness of Parkinson’s disease by making it known to empathetic Canadians. This will be accomplished by creating an understanding of the disease and exposing Parkinson’s as a disease with greater impact than people think.

Gold Winner:

Silver Winner

Bronze Winner

My Ad

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  1. Wow! I agree with you on the first place winner -more of an add for dyslexia for sure!
    I love your ad! I don't know what everyone else's looked like but I definately think top 3 material.