Wednesday, May 5, 2010

South Park Prediction

Although the show may be a little too rough around the edges for some people, South Park is one of the smartest animated shows on T.V today. Not only was the recent episode poking fun at the Tiger Woods fiasco eye-opening and gut busting, they followed up with a brilliantly funny look at how we have evolved due to social media sites like Facebook in their episode "You have 0 friends."

Today, I was floored when I stumbled upon Miley Cyrus's newly released music video for her song Can't be Tamed. In March 2008, around the time Britney Spears had her famous shaved head meltdown, South Park created an episode called "Britney's New Look." In this episode, the boys witness Britney's biggest meltdown when she shoots herself in the head. She survives but her head is reduced to only a jaw. We then find out that it is a country-wide conspiracy to get Britney to kill herself as a ritualistic sacrifice to improve the corn harvest and they were using the media to do it. It is a very sad interpretation of the media's impact on celebrities today. At the end of the episode their next sacrifice is revealed and it is none other than young Miley Cyrus.

It amazes me that this South Park view seems to now be coming true. Miley seems to be the successor to the Spears throne and she has taken her first very obvious step in that direction. Miley's new music video seems to share Spears' sound, sexiness and even dance moves. Also, her statements on the video seem to emulate Britney's when she took that "sexy leap."

"It is a sexy video, you can't take that away from it but it's not the premise … The video is not about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes. That's what every other video about. It's about explaining the song and living the lyrics... It's the first step to growing up but I think it's done the right way. I'm really proud of it."

This just proves, to me, the true brilliance of the show and if I was Miley I would take very good care of my hair.

Erostos Domenos Pretos! Hobibos Hoyivey doyemos!

To watch the South Park episode click here

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