Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Worthy Note: Arkells

(Arkells / Them Crooked Vultures Show @ACC)

My new favourite band is the Arkells. I have to say that my love for them has grown and they are now situated in my top ten list of besties. My friend Rajiv game me their CD about 2 years ago and I'll admit it wasn't love at first listen. It wasn't until I gave their album Jackson Square a solid thorough listen, that songs like "Oh, the Boss is coming!" appealed to my head and heart. They are witty, smart and have thought provoking and relatable lyrics.

I saw them live at Edgefest last summer but considering my friends and I were very preoccupied with the rain, mud and beer I didn't get the full effect. Later that year on my birthday I saw them again at Lee's Palace. And my heart stopped beating. They put on a great show and are extremely talented guys. Maybe it was the beer talking but I was convinced the lead singer was giving me loving looks. ha ha. Maybe he just has that kind of face.

(Max's "Love Eyes")

Recently they opened for Them Crooked Vultures at the ACC, which I attended. I was much more excited and involved in their performance than I was TCV. TCV got a little boring after a while, I'll admit it. But it was a great show. Here is some footage!

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